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The Ultimate Wedding

This package has it all! 

Your finished video will begin with a unique introduction we call the “Memories Video.”  We transfer 40 to 50 pictures of you and your fiancée, starting with baby pictures to most recent pictures of the two of you together.  This is all put to music of your choice.  It's a real trip down memory lane to see how you both have changed over the years.

The “Love Story Production” is a romantic video shot and produced just for you.  Shot on location at a park or other beautiful location, we capture some very special moments of the two of you together.  Mixing interviews of the two of you and blending this all to your choice of music, the Love Story Video is your chance to tell the world how you came to spend your lives together.

A few Rehearsal Highlights are recorded so you can relive those nervous hours before the big event.  Some very interesting things have happened at rehearsal over the years. 

Computer Generated Titles will scroll to music of your choice over your wedding cake, flowers or something special from your wedding day.  Everyone from your minister all the way down to your flower girl will be named on title pages.  It's like watching the beginning of your very own movie, starring you.

With this package we have time to capture some Pre-Ceremony activities of the bride getting ready at home.  We then arrive at the church about hour before your ceremony begins, so we can set up our equipment and place our microphones.  During the remaining time before the ceremony, we video the exterior of your church, the finishing touches of the bride and groom getting ready and some of the guests arriving.

Multiple Cameras are used to capture various angles of your ceremony.  To ensure a quality audio track on your video, multiple microphones are used, including a wireless hidden on the groom.  Our sophisticated editing suite allows us to create a finished video you will want to watch over and over to relive your vows, your laughter and your tears of joy.

Following you to the Reception, we will capture the special moments.  Highlights that make your reception memorable include the cutting of the cake, the best man's toast, throwing of the bouquet and garter and the first dance.

To finish out your video, we will transfer to video 40-50 snapshots and we can use highlights from video that you bring back from your honeymoon.  We will set it all to music and you have what we call the “Honeymoon Video.”  It's the perfect ending.

But wait, there’s more...

On a separate video you receive our famous “Wedding Highlight Montage” video.  It’s a short recap of your wedding day.  A combination of freeze frames, moving video and special effects edited together in a very special way.  This is all put to your favorite music.  This is the perfect way to show your friends the highlights of your special day without watching the complete video.  After watching the "Wedding Highlight Montage" they may want to see more.

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