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High Quality VHS and DVD Duplication We specialize in high quality video duplication with fast turnaround. Utilizing professional distribution equipment, we can duplicate your videotapes quickly and at a good price. We can take just about any format and copy it to a DVD.

Our Foreign Video Conversion system can take those videotapes from overseas and convert them so you can watch them here in America..

Prices range from $1.95 and up depending on the number of CDs or DVDs to be duplicated. Check out our our prices and services. You can order by mail or go to of our local distributors.

Please note: Orders containing copyrighted material cannot be processed and will be returned.

Pricing Information

Video to DVD and DVD Duplication
DVCAM - 8mm - H8mm - VHS - SVHS - Digital to VHS
Qty 60min 120min 160min
1 $19.95 $24.95 $29.95
2-5 $12.95 $14.95 $19.95
6-50 $9.95 $11.95 $14.95
51-100 $6.95 $8.95 11.95
100+ Call Call Call
Prices include high quality DVD & case

Foreign Video Conversion
Qty 60min 90min 120min 160min
1 $19.95 $24.95 $29.95 $39.95
Prices include high quality DVD & case

DVD/CD Duplication
1 $14.95 $5.95
2-5 $11.95 $4.95
6-20 $9.95 $3.95
21-50 $7.95 $2.95
51-100 $5.95 $1.95
100+ Call Call
Prices include high quality disc & case BW print (r080105)

Video to DVD
Qty 60min 120min 180min
Additional Video to 1 DVD
1 $19.95 $24.95 $29.95 $7 per transfer

Note: The above price tables do not include California Sales tax.

How to Order
We recommend visiting any of our local distributors to place your orders. This way you are not charged for mailing and handling fees.

You can order by mail by following these simple instructions:

  1. Print out the transfer brochure

  2. Fill out the order form

  3. Sign the agreement

  4. Send the order to the following address:
    A+ Video Productions
    4848 San Felipe Rd., #150-104
    San Jose, CA 95135

Your order will be completed in 2 weeks and delivered after payment is received.

We do loacal pickups at a nominal fee?
Drop off your pictures, films, and slides today and get them transfered at our distributor.

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4848 San Felipe Rd
San Jose, CA 95135
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Free Pick Up
If you are located in any of the following areas we do free pick up once a week ($100 minimum order).

  • San Jose
  • Sunnyvale
  • Cupertino
  • Santa Clara

Contact us today to find the best way to preserve you memories.