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Internet Services

Do you have a class reunion approaching? How about a web site with it's own domain name where someone can click and remember this event. How about adding contact information to stay in touch. We offer packages to go along with any video event. We also offer other internet services from design of websites to hosting services. We have a dedicated department with 24 hour service and can serve whatever your needs may,

Internet streaming is the most economical way of getting the word out to thousands over hundreds of places around the world. It is very important to start out with high quality video and audio because of all the various types of video encoding and advancements that have or will occur. Here are a few of our samples.

  • High quality Windows Media Player example.
    This 20 second video file is 600kb.

    Sample 1 WMV
    (Windows Media Video)
  • High quality Real Player file.
    This 20 second video file is 1200kb.

    Sample 1 RM
    (RealVideo Media)
  • Video to ... YouTube and Google Video.
  • Sample - YouTube

  • Sample- Google Video

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