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Athletic Recruitment Video

Every year colleges give full and partial scholarships to athletes. College coaches like to see video of their prospective athletes. Rather than send them a copy of a game tape, why not improve your chances, by sending them a professionally finished video?

We specialize in producing an effective recruitment video that a college coach will want to watch.

Gold Recruitment Package - $425

You will receive a finished master DVD, produced to our professional standards complete with custom DVD menus, a custom DVD insert, and DVD case. Five DVD copies just like the master to mail out to colleges. We also provide you with a sample cover letter.

You provide us with the following items:

Services we offer at additional cost:
  • Video taping of skills drills
  • Video taping highlights of a game or performance
  • Interviews
  • Additional copies

How to Order
Please call us if you have any questions.

You can order by following these simple instructions:

  1. Print and fill out the
    Sports Recruitment Video Worksheet
  2. Print and fill out the
    Edit decision List
  3. Include Photo per worksheet
  4. Video of you performing skills drills
  5. Video of some of your best plays or performances
  6. Video of your best single game or performance

    Send or bring the order to the following address:

    A+ Video Productions
    4848 San Felipe Rd., #150-104
    San Jose, CA 95135

Your order will be completed in 2 weeks.